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How it works

What we do with your information:

·       Market research attempts to generate understanding and knowledge of a market place and its consumers’ behavior. It does this by obtaining information (data) from specific samples of consumers and extrapolating results to the population as a whole. MR is scientifically conducted, and respondents’ identity and all other personal data are confidential and not disclosed or used for any non-research purpose. It is not a commercial communication or a selling opportunity. It has no interest in the individual identity of respondents. It does not result in direct action relating to individuals or organisations named in it.

·       Evolve Fieldwork Ltd is a BHBIA registered Medical Market Research Company. We comply with all Market Research Society, UK GDPR, BHBIA legal and ethical guidelines, and this includes treating personal information with the strictest of confidence. Your privacy is important to us!

·       Our research is primarily focused on medical conditions, products and services. Our primary goal is to promote health outcomes. We do also accept consumer research projects from time to time.  Our panel is organized accordingly to 3 different groups. You only belong to the panel which you signed up for, whether it be the Healthcare Professional Panel, the Patient and Carer Panel or the Consumer Panel. If you qualify to and want to be a member of more than one panel, please subscribe to all the panels that are relevant to you.

·       We keep your contact information securely in our database and is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 2018 and the UK GDPR regulations, and will invite you to participate in research studies that you qualify for, based on the profile information that you have provided us with. 


·       Your personal information is never disclosed to the client of the research project. The research results are delivered in aggregate and report form collectively to the client. In the event where it will be helpful for the client to know the identity of the respondents, express permission must be obtained from the respondent in written form.


·       Invitations to on-line surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups and other research opportunities will be delivered to your email inbox.


·       In the invitations the following will be included: 

·       1) Time duration of the interview.

·       2) Incentive/Honoraria amount.

·       3) The basic qualification criteria of the target audience.


·       Participation is always at your convenience and not required for any study. In keeping with our BHBIA guidelines, the respondent may leave the interview at any time.


Qualifying Criteria:

·       Every study has a specific target audience in mind, and only those respondents who fit that specific target can participate in the study and can therefore be compensated if they complete the study.


·       ​In order for us to know if you meet the requirements of the target audience, we will have to ask you a few additional questions prior to survey commencement. These questions are known as Screener Questions and they will be included in nearly every survey presented.


·       Honoraria are not provided for completing screener questions to determine whether you qualify. Honoraria are applicable to successful completion of the study that you were screened for.  Screener questions are generally very short.

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