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About the team


Evolve Fieldwork Ltd. is managed by Ana Cordoba, a psychologist and market research professional who has worked in Healthcare Market Research and Field management for over 18 years in London.


Ana started as a recruiter and qualitative moderator then moved into online research for 2 years. Then, having obtained a Market Research Diploma with distinctions, she worked as a researcher in the Health Care Department at Harris Interactive. Later on, she decided to specialize in consultancy and fieldwork management and started a professional career in this area for the healthcare industry. She has been working for over 10 years for different firms, having gathered a deep knowledge about the industry.

The rest of the members of our team are Nadine Koekemoer, Hein Coetzee, Mario Jose Lopez Torres, Pascha Janse van Rensburg, Grisel Angel,  Danielle Cymber and Ketan Kumar. Our team has extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative market research, in diverse fields from consumer products, financial sector, political studies to healthcare. Experienced in the field of recruitment, moderation, content analysis and project management.


Evolve Fieldwork Ltd. has long term supplier relationship with freelancers and small agencies whose  proven expertise and professionalism have become a real asset for the company. In Spain, Evolve has a partnership with Active Global Research.


We strictly follow the guidelines of the MRS, the regulations of the GDPR, and we are BHBIA members.

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