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Our Markets


We are based in the United Kingdom covering the UK Market. We also cover most European Markets, using freelancers and professional partners that specialize in medical market research.


  We offer all Market Research Methodologies:


- Qualitative : We cover In-Depth, Telep-Depth, Web-Assisted and Face-to-Face interviews with individuals. We cover Dyads, Triads and Groups. We also coordinate Ethnographies, video diaries with patients and we organize Patient Record Forms with HCPs.


- Quantitative:  We can offer a Telephone or Face-to-Face approach, or do it all Online. For online research we approach respondents via phone to web to ensure quality respondents for online studies. 

Respondent Types


We cover a wide variety of Healthcare Professionals, Pharmacists, inclusive of KOLs and Payers. Our area of expertise are Patient research, covering a very wide variety of medical conditions and methodologies. There is no therapeutic area that we have not worked on over the last 16 years.


Our Services

 Our  fieldwork services include:

- Consultancy about fieldwork feasibility/ recommended methodology

- Recruitment

- Moderation

- Facility bookings and management

- Translations for all European languages

- Content analysis 

- Transcriptions



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